Skylark Preschool

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4 Shackleton Road
PO13 9SG
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Mon: 07.30-17.00
Tue: 07.30-17.00
Wed: 07.30-17.00
Thu: 07.30-17.00
Fri: 07.30-17.00


The children and staff at Skylark Preschool have formed a 'home from home' setting which has allowed the children to grow and become independent in the environment. Skylark works closely with Spoonbill allowing the children to grow from babies at Spoonbill to moving up to Skylark and then moving onto their chosen infant schools. We have worked hard to develop strong bonds with our service families and have developed a deployment box to help the children keep close contact with their parents whilst away. Skylark support our sister settings with the Deployment boxes.

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